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And it blames Republicans for cutting doctor pay and for

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Canada Goose online \tScrolling down the options on the phone menu: you can send money, withdraw cash, pay a bill, or buy goods and services. And everyone uses a PIN number for security. Most Kenyans who use M PESA don\u0027t have a bank account: the phone is it. Now that the debt ceiling will be raised and we can pay our bills (for a while at least), we are left to wonder what will it really mean for some of the programs we care about? The predictions have ranged from death to resurrection for Medicare and Medicaid. But somewhere in this pile of doo doo there may be a few ponies. The details of the debt ceiling “deal” require that some programs be kept off the table in the negotiations of the “super committee.” Those programs include Medicaid (remember almost half of Medicaid goes to nursing home care and the rest to health benefits for the disabled, poor women and children, and the elderly), Social Security, military salaries, and veterans’ benefits Canada Goose online.

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