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On the non CHK side, it currently is permitting 10 wells and

canada goose Separate from the Chesapeake joint venture, EVEP has 137,000 net acres and the equivalent of a 7.5% overriding royalty interest in approximately 160,000 net acres. Because of the proximity to the Chesapeake operated acreage, it is anticipated that there will be meaningful cooperation with the CHK joint venture in both contracting oilfield services and midstream operations. On the non CHK side, it currently is permitting 10 wells and will drill two or three Utica laterals later this year/early next year. canada goose

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canada goose uk shop When Headley testified last week that he met a mastermind in Karachi as Lashkar prepared to deploy a maritime attack team, the prosecution produced his hotel bill from that date in Karachi. (Investigators had previously corroborated aspects of his account of the preparations in Karachi by comparing it to the confession of the surviving gunman.) When Headley described scouting targets in Denmark, prosecutors showed the jury his surveillance video of those targets. At some points, his testimony and the supporting evidence flowed together to create an almost real time picture of his activity canada goose uk shop.

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