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The attempted suicide rate of people with GID/autogynephilia

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high quality Replica Hermes With the array of surgeries now available, due to advances into endocrinology, plastic surgery, and anesthesia, people self diagnose with GID to avail themselves of these surgeries. The surgeries aren’t treatments; they’re the cause of the aaa replica bags “problem.”Apologies if I didn word this correctly. My argument isn about billable hours, but rather the dichotomy of how therapy has been proven to help people suffering from actual mental illnesses such as depression/PTSD whereas HRT and SRS have NOT been proven to help people with the fake mental illness of GID (or autogynephilia, as I personally believe it is more correctly referred to as).The attempted suicide rate of people with GID/autogynephilia does not go down after HRT or SRS, indicating that the bodily treatment is not effective. high quality Replica Hermes

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