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canada goose Conceptual fluency is your No. 1 focus here. You need canada goose factory outlet uk to accurately understand trends. Practice based research focusing on feminist performance practices; the role of the director in the collaborative construction of visual interdisciplinary theatre; and live art.Research degrees awarded to supervised students13 PhDs, 5 MPhils and 3 ResMs, including as Director of Studies: ‘FEMEN and the performance of topless protest’ (Leah Dungay, 2018);’Exploring Privilege through the Creation and Live/Digital Performance of an Alter Ego’ (Gemma Chatwin, 2018);’Performing LGBT Pride in Plymouth, 1950 2012′ (Dr Alan Butler, 2016); ‘Challenging Fragmentation: Overcoming the Subject Object Divide through the Integration of Art making and Material Culture Studies’ (Dr Andrew Cope, 2014); ‘Toward a Female Clown Practice: Myth, Archetype Transgression’ (Dr Maggie Irving, 2013); ‘Mythogeographic Performance and Performance Interventions in Spaces of Heritage Tourism’ (Dr Phil Smith, 2013); ‘Memory Site Responsive Installation Art’ (James Barber, 2011); ‘The Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Needs of Mid Career Artists in South West England’ (Dr Karen Smith, 2010);’Information Art’ (David Topping, 2010); ‘Nostalgia and Contemporary Chanson Cabaret in Berlin’ (Julia Harris, 2008); ‘Articulations of Equity: Practice, Complexity and Power in Facilitated Art Projects’ (Dr Gill Melling, 2006); ‘Creating Emotionally Aware Performance Spaces’ (Dr Richard Povall, 2003).Creative practice artistic projectsHeaven is a Place (digital video). Producer and screenplay of short dance film for Sundog Media with Kayla Parker (dir.) and Ruth Way (choreographer). Funded by EU Culture programme as part of Heaven on Earth? project, 2014.Let’s Talk Cadavers (digital video) canada goose.

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