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There would be two or three kinds of vegetable

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Wholesale Replica Bags The standard vegetarian festival menu in my grandmother replica wallets house began with a salt, lemon, green chutney and Khamang Kakdi (finely chopped cucumber with peanuts, green chillies and coconut). Followed by a staple Varan Bhat (yellow daal and rice) dripping in toop (ghee), or rice with Ananasache Sambare (pineapple and coconut curry), or when in season Shevlacha Sambare (coconut curry made from a tuber commonly known as zaminkand or dragon stalk yam). There would be two or three kinds of vegetable, often Shirale Vataane Bhaaji (ridge gourd and peas cooked with green chillies, turmeric, jeera and salt) and Sukha Vatana Bhaaji (dry black peas with ladies finger).. Wholesale Replica Bags

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