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uk canada goose outlet Down time is an unsung hero in the modern world. Maybe contemplation should be part of everyone’s day. Think about one amazing thing each day and your frenzied mind will soon stop spinning. But perhaps the only people Paul Ryan is trying to kid are those tuned in to his PowerPoint presentations. The canada goose outlet nyc broad strokes of his bill do not actually resemble “health care reform” at all and certainly not reform that’s uniquely canada goose outlet store uk concerned with finding the optimal mix of canada goose outlet online store review young and healthy money to bring the insurance market up to patch, thus shoring up canada goose outlet london uk the livelihoods of older folks and Americans with pre existing health conditions. As Cohn and Young report, the bill will create higher premiums for older customers, roll back the Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid expansion, and then radically twist the existing Medicaid program into a weird parody of itself uk canada goose outlet.

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