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When Captain Johnson wrecks his rental car while home on leave

With two break points, she slapped one return into the net and flashed another long.It would be settled in another tie break as a Halep forehand landed bang on the line for 3 1 but Konta battled back to 3 3. Four points later, it was still neck and neck but two strikes from Konta into the corner and this time she snatched the set.(Image: PA)Konta strode off court for a six minute toilet break, leaving Halep to stew in her chair. After five minutes Halep asked umpire Kader Nouni how long her opponent was allowed before pointedly rolling forehands into an empty court.It was hard to say it affected Halep as she was first to have a break point at 1 1 but Konta saved it and then broke serve, a pump of the first sealing the 3 2 lead..

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