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NYPL is the proud owner of the original Winnie the Pooh

Saw the show yesterday. The f 35 performance seemed pretty similar to what you described. The aircraft pulled a couple of impressive high angle of attack maneuvers. I also did one better. I went down to the STP Plant (poopie plant) and got some of the “dried solids” (poopie) and mixed two parts of that to ten parts peat moss. It makes for excellent soil to grow things in!!! Finally, I talked to one of the Iraqi guys that works on base filling sandbags.

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My biggest issue is the influx of like, Facebook level content/discussion. I been saying this for 5 years here, r/leafs is the oasis for leafs discussion away from all that crap. But it isnt true anymore, the nic cage phenomenon has brought probably the last 15k subs from Facebook and their a vocal bunch.

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Many of the more complicated modes of production, such as stop motion animation or live action pixelation, seemed as though they required large scale design and equipment. As we move into a much more democratic digital production age, the gap is shrinking between what is capable at home and what is capable only at financed budgets. Dragon Stop Motion is a program that allows you to film in stop motion, using your sets of captured images to match what you are shooting to keep on track all the way through.

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