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cheap nfl jerseys As outlined by Bright Hub’s own Dan B. In his article entitled “Best Free Antivirus Programs of 2009,” AVG comes in on top year after year. The download is compatible with Windows 7, Vista and also XP and features automatic updates. Lesser Health Care CostsMany employers initiate employee wellness programs to reduce the impact of enormous increases in health insurance premiums and disability payouts. Employees participating in wellness programs are less likely to be prone to disease, illness, injuries, and accidents, and this lowers insurance premiums.Researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention studying strategies to prevent cardiovascular disease estimate companies with comprehensive workplace wellness programs and appropriate health plans in place yields $3 to $6 for each dollar invested over a three to five year period, reducing the likelihood of employee heart attacks and strokes at the same time.A study of a wellness program at Providence General Medical Center reports introduction of wellness programs leading to reduction of per capita workers compensation costs by 83 percent and other savings from reduced sick leave and health care costs.Another study at Prudential Insurance reports 32 percent lower disability per capita costs and 46 percent lower annual medical costs after implementing employee wellness programs.3. Reduction of Workplace Injuries and Work Related DiseasesThe benefits of employee wellness programs permeate to the workplace. cheap nfl jerseys

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