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A migraine can be a chronic headache which is primarily a result of the spasm and narrowing of microscopic veins which carries blood towards the brain. The headache is severe and debilitating and may occur from yearly or typically as 4x a week. It is seen as an nausea, vomiting, light sensitivity, aura but most coming from all by the throbbing pain on a single or either side of the head.

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Tackling someone around the neck is murderously stupid, as is collapsing a scrum or maul. Both can result in broken necks or spines which in turn can be fatal and are not a laughing matter. Those who intentionally break this rule have no place in civilised society, let alone on a rugby pitch.

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Hands on writing and producing of promotional messages, as well as a strong understanding of topical news promotion. You be working closely with senior management in developing brand andmarketingstrategies. Heavy emphasis on show stacking, headline and tease writing, as well as copy editing..

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